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Monday, April 11, 2011

friends of life!!!

holidays are grace for all

but curse for some.

when i see people enjoying

with laughter,

with joy,

with friends,

i feel so desearted

in the life of lonliness.

i too feel, had them in ma life

to say i would die for you people!!!

it is so hard to tell in open

that in the group i stand alone

some r happy to see me alone,

that their curse worked out!

their atempts had fruits!!


u can never make me alone,

'cos am happy with ma everything!!!

my world is colourful,

it is beauteous,

it is elegant...

as much as u make me alone,

that much strong ma world become!!!

holidays r now beautiful,

with no tension no worries,

and am close to ma heart...

in ma world of creativity!!

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